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Norland International Group has taken a lead in the health detoxification field by adhering to its vision of ‘building a global health & detoxification ecosystem so that everyone will benefit from the wisdom of health’.

The first enterprise to combine Chinese wisdom of health with high modern technology perfectly & successfully to form a health management system of “Cleansing, Rejuvenating, Energizing, Nourishing, Beautifying & Preventing”. The first to send soft capsules to the space without changing quality or shape. The first in Full Body Detoxification Health to be listed in NASDAQ.

Established in 2008, NORLAND Group is a large scale trans-national company founded by a Surgeon, Dr. Zou (Xu) Zhongquan whose research focused mainly on Human Body Regenerative & Restoration Science and Full Body Detoxification Science. One of his medical products (MEBO-GI) was used to combat the outbreak of Alzheimer disease which affected the lives of over 5.1 Americans in 2013.

Weak, damaged & dead cells lead to sickness, premature aging & subsequently death. The best way to heal any sickness is either by activating the weak cells or by repairing & Rejuvenating the damaged & dead cells. Norland medical products help to rejuvenate dead cells, tissues, organs & body systems back to life. It helps the body to heal itself by raising the body healing agents & boosting the immune system. This empowers one to achieve a healthy lifestyle & makes the body to truly feel young & energetic no matter the age.

This is the main focus of Norland Health Awareness Campaign on the Human Body Regenerative & Restoration Science…
A new health science technology.



To build a global health & detoxification ecosystem & make everyone benefits from the wisdom of health.

To improve the quality of health of human life,



To advance the ubiquity of the Human Cell Regenerative & Restoration Science popularizing it worldwide.

To provide unrivaled employment & entrepreneurial opportunities for every individual in communities around the globe.


Pure organic with no side effects

Anti aging

Anti-tumor (fights cancer)

Preventive & Curative

Immune Booster

Body Maintenance

100% efficacy guaranteed.

Suitable for children, adults & the elderly.

Meet & exceed all national & international standard of quality & purity

Let The Pictures Speaks


Norland has created a perfect Compensation Plan that rewards Distributors from the new members with little or no experience, all the way to the 7figure weekly earners in following ways

Retailing Profit of 20% on all products.

Fortune Card (Daily Bonus)

Maintenance Bonus

Leadership Bonus (Silver, Gold & Bronze members)

Honorary Bonus.

Global Dividend Profit Sharing.

Fast Start Bonus ( Weekly Bonus)

Group Performance Bonus (Monthly Bonus).

Benefit Bonus (cars, trips, house incentives etc)

Global Dividend Profit Sharing.

Success Stories

Check out what people are saying about our products.
These some of what people are saying concerning our products

TYPE II DIABETES COMPLETELY REVERSED: A stubborn wound (hole) on my father's leg, which have defied all medications, made me to come in contact with Norland Wonder Products. Changes started 3 weeks of contact administering of MEBO GI, HypoGlycemic Capsules, Propolis & Kuding Tea. Before the end of the 2nd month, the wound was properly healed. Diabetes and High Blood Pressure, which have been there for years, gone completely. Today, he's free from those pains.

T Oluwafemi

HEALED OF CHRONIC H.PYLORI: I am writing to let you know that 4 weeks after completing the course of MEBO GI capsules, my husband had another stool test for H.Pylori, and the results read “normal”. What a welcome result, after almost two years and seven different combinations of antibiotics. We can only put this down to MEBO GI capsules.

Mrs C.U

PREGNANT AFTER 21 YEARS. I stay in Port Harcourt with my husband and was having difficulty conceiving for 21 years after my first child because of what was termedTime "stubborn infection". I have lost all hope of ever getting pregnant again until a friend introduced me to Norland. Initially, I couldn't believe her due to several past experiences, but nevertheless, I used the prescribed MEBO GI and Female NOURIPAD religiously for 3 months. Today to the Glory of God, I'm confirmed pregnant after 21 years.

Mrs. A. Sampson, PH

BAD EYE SIGHT CORRECTED! I recommended MEBO GI, Vision Vitale & B-Carotene for a colleague on 8th of last month. The pressure on her eye was 42. Today, to the glory of God, she called to tell me that it has reduced to 20 in just 2 weeks. She said the doctor was so surprised for the fast reduction in less than a month. I'm so so excited for her because it was fast tending to glaucoma. NORLAND products work wonders. N. O.

Ijeoma N. O.


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